Implemented substantial improvements to the PRAD website, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing for an audience of prospective and continuing students seeking information on the program. New tabs and subsections within existing tabs were also created, including: 


1. ePortfolio:

​  Two subsections were added for the 1st and 2nd Annual ePortfolio Showcase events, each containing a gallery with the student eportfolios showcased that year and a photo gallery. 

​​  The eportfolio gallery allows prospective students to view high-quality work samples from PRAD alumni developed during the program, as well as continuing students to use the gallery as a reference to build their own ePortfolios. 


3. Student Ambassador:

  Chosen as PRAD's first student ambassador, this section was added to the website for prospective students to contact me with questions or simply to gain insights on the program from a student's perspective. My interaction with prospective students resulted in leads for the Office of Graduate Admissions and subsequent enrollments.


4. Student Media/PRAD Student Spotlight:

  This new section features video testimonials of current PRAD students who share their stories, including academic and professional achievements and career goals in the field of Public Relations and Advertising. 


Created as a space for continuing PRAD students, alumni, faculty and industry professionals to reconnect, network and share events, news, and job/internship opportunities on LinkedIn, DePaul PRAD Community soon became an important channel for members (380 and counting) to interact with the program and among themselves. 

Launched in autumn quarter of 2015, the PRAD BA/MA is a combined degree program that enables DePaul communication majors in their junior or senior year to enroll in graduate courses and earn a master's degree in Public Relations and Advertising in as little as one year after finishing their undergraduate program. 

In order to raise awareness and interest among high-performing communication majors in the PRAD BA/MA, the following tactics were put forth:

1. Influencer Outreach: Partnership with PRAD faculty teaching undergraduate courses and undergrad advisors to promote the new program in the classroom, via email and through the college's D2L online platform, directing leads to the graduate advisor for further information and instructions on the application process. 

2. In-class presentations: Scheduled in-class visits and presented an overview of the PRAD BA/MA program to communication majors in their junior or senior year, highlighting the importance of pursuing a master's degree in PR and Advertising and the benefits and great opportunities the PRAD graduate program has to offer.  

​3. Promotional Material: Development and distribution of a program flyer in campus bulleting boards, email blasts and social media channels. 

4. Student Panel: Participation in BA/MA information sessions with PRAD faculty and staff to answer questions from students interested in the program.    


I​II. DePaul PRAD Community LinkedIn Group



​IV. Program Newsletters and Direct Marketing Samples

I. PRAD Website

As a PRAD GA during the 2015-2016 academic year, my overarching goal was to amplify the program’s communication outreach to current and prospective students, from improving and expanding PRAD’s owned communication channels to increasing engagement between the program and its community of faculty, staff, prospective and continuing students, alumni and industry professionals, promoting the PRAD brand and program through college networking events, direct marketing and branded content for traditional and social media. Key contributions include:

​II. Marcom Strategy for PRAD BA/MA

Dual Degree Program