Created as part of the PR campaign for State Optical Co. developed for the Public Relations Foundations course, this pilot webisode features a New Original - the brand's target audience of millennial professionals who are changing the status quo and redefining "Made in America" - exploring Chicago's Halsted street. Since State Optical's new eyewear collection has 12 frames inspired and named after famous streets of Chicago, each "Framesode" tells the story of  a New Original with a different street as backdrop, showing their connection with Chicago and how the city inspires them. 


This commercial integrates the creative execution of the advertising campaign for A&F developed for the Advertising Foundations course. Based on our strategy to reposition the brand, bringing it closer to millennials through storytelling that better resonates with their interests and lifestyles, the commercial features a young woman wearing her A&F pair of jeans in ordinary, everyday situations which millennials can identify with, promoting A&F as "a brand that fits".  

Developed  for the International Public Relations course, this assignment consisted of an interview with a communication professional who has practiced PR outside of the United States. PRAD faculty Maria de Moya, who has worked as an Outreach Specialist for the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, shared her responsibilities in this role as well as some of the cultural differences between the US and the Dominican Republic when developing and executing Public Relations strategies. Maria provided great insights on the role of culture in International PR/Strategic Communications as far as decision-making and building relationships with foreign officials.   

III. State Optical Co. Framesode  

II. Abercrombie and Fitch Commercial 

I. Practitioner Interview - Maria de Moya