I. Research and Writing Samples

Developing successful marcom campaigns for leading brands isn't just about the execution of a Big Idea. Prior in-depth research of the organization and analysis of its target audience are of paramount importance in unveiling the insight that ought to shape the campaign strategy, drive the creative execution and achieve the campaign objectives. 

1. Patek Philippe Geneve

An Ad and Media Analysis report for the Advertising Foundations course, this assignment consisted of selecting a print ad for a particular brand and dissecting its creative elements and media placement strategy, analyzing how accurately the ad piece fulfills the brand's (in this case, Patek Philippe Geneve) communication purpose and how effectively the chosen publication connects the brand with its target audience.  

2. Absolut Vodka 

A campaign developed for the Content Strategy course, this project consisted of two stages: (1) identifying, through secondary research, a communication problem faced by a brand of our choice that could be addressed through content strategy and (2) proposing a strategy and developing traditional and social media content to tackle the communication problem. As Absolut Vodka's brand positioning is struggling to appeal to a generation of millennials running away from the nightclub scene, our content strategy and execution focused on shifting Absolut's perception, from a premium icon exclusive to club goers to a brand for different settings and occasions. 

3. Abercrombie and Fitch 

Developed for the Advertising Foundations course, this campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch addresses the retailer's out-of-touch approach toward millennials, insisting on promoting the brand through oversexualized ads portraying an unrealistic beauty standard. Our project proposed a brand repositioning through a more inclusive and relatable communication approach on traditional and social media, making A&F a brand millennials can identify with. 


IV.  Campaigns for Leading Brands

III. Campaigns for Real-World Clients

II.  Analysis and Evaluation of Silver Anvil Campaigns

The opportunity to develop marcom campaigns for real-world clients is essential for communication practitioners to understand actual industry demands and client expectations. The majority of my final projects for the PRAD graduate program involved addressing existing communication challenges for real-world  clients (including Fortune 500 companies) and presenting solutions for their executives grounded on primary and secondary research and in-depth understanding of their target audience.

1. The Chicago French Market

Based on the findings from the Brand Audit and Secondary Data Analysis Reportconducted for the Chicago French Market for the Research Methods for the Communication Professional course, this campaign provided research-grounded recommendations for the client to raise awareness among its target audience and bring in new guests to the food hall. 

2. State Optical Co.

Developed for the Foundations of Public Relations course, this group project consisted of developing a PR campaign for State Optical Co., a "first-of-its-kind brand of luxury American eyewear  proudly being manufactured in Chicago, USA". Our two-front campaign focused on (1) promoting the launch of its premium collection and (2) building State's brand personality around its "Redefining Made in America" value proposition. 


 This group project consisted of developing a PR measurement and analytics toolkit for Fortune 500 financial services provider USAA for the Storytelling Through Research and Analytics course. Using AMEC's Valid Metrics Framework as reference, our toolkit allows USAA to capture its PR efforts on social media and, ultimately, demonstrate the relevance of its Social Influencer program to the enterprise's business outcomes.    

Our project was ranked second best and I received best researcher honors from Michael Lee Smith, Executive Director of USAA Planning and Integration.      ​​

​​​​​​As a Public Relations and Advertising graduate student, I wrote press releases, media pitches, spokesperson briefs and conducted media audits and social media listening for leading brands and organizations, most of which based on actual communication challenges.

1. "From Venezuela to You" A Crisis Response Strategy to Expand Venezuela's Tourism- Crisis Response Strategy and Press Release

An assignment for the International Public Relations course, this report consisted of a crisis response strategy and a press release for the Venezuelan Office of Travel and Tourism amid a hypothetical breaking news of the brutal murder of a former Miss Venezuela and her family by local criminals. In an attempt to control the damage to the country's public image and, at the same time, increase Venezuela's international tourism, I developed "From Venezuela to You", an international PR campaign targeting foreign travelers and Venezuela's tourism offices around the world. 

2. Chicago French Market - Brand Audit and Secondary Data Analysis 

This report for the Research Methods for the Communication Professional course consisted of collecting and analyzing traditional and social media coverage of class client Chicago French Market from secondary data sources. The conclusion from the research findings laid the groundwork for the development a strategy to address the client's communication challenges.         

3. Arby's Buys Pharrell Williams' Grammys Hat - Press Release

Written for the Public Relations Foundations course, this press release reported Arby’s purchase of Pharrell Williams’ hat, worn by the singer at the 2014 Grammy Awards, in an auction for Pharrell’s charity. The purchase followed the social media frenzy over Arby's “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?” live tweet during the 2014 Grammys, due to the hat's resemblance to Arby's logo.   

4. McDonald's "All Day Breakfast" Campaign - Media Audit 

Written for the Public Relations Foundations course,this media audit analyzed and evaluated traditional and social media coverage of McDonald's "All Day Breakfast" campaign from October 15, 2015 to January 16, 2016.

5. McDonald's "Our Food. Your Questions." - Media Pitch and Spokesperson Brief

Developed for the Public Relations Foundations course, this assignment consisted of pitching an exclusive interview with Kevin Newell, Executive VP, Chief Brand and Strategy Officer for McDonald’s USA, for the launch of the brand's "Our Food.Your Questions" program. In addition to the media pitch, the assignment included a briefing document for the spokesperson with details on the secured interview, including expected Q&As. 


 The PRSA Silver Anvil Award recognizes the best public relations programs of the year and the highest standards of performance in the profession. As a DePaul PRAD graduate student, I had the opportunity to analyze and evaluate a series of award-winning entries and learn the strategy and tactics behind their successful outcome.  

1. IRENA @ UAE: Realizing a Renewable Energy Future for the Middle East (Masdar/Edelman)

Developed for the International Public Relations course, this group project consisted of a Pecha-Kucha for a Silver Anvil campaign with an international focus. IRENA @ UAE was a global public affairs campaign to help the government of the United Arab Emirates secure the country’s Masdar City in Abu Dhabi as the headquarters for the newly founded International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Our presentation provided historical background on the UAE, a summary and assessment of how the campaign was executed and recommendations on further PR efforts to promote IRENA and the UAE to the global community.   

2. The Xbox One Launch:From Crisis to Contender for the All-in-One Games and Entertainment System (Microsoft/Assembly, a Daniel J. Edelman Holdings company)

Created for the Storytelling Through Research and Analytics course, this project analyzed Microsoft's campaign for the Xbox One launch from a measurement and evaluation standpoint, using AMEC's Valid Metrics Framework to demonstrate how the campaign's PR efforts drove revenue for Microsoft. 

3. Taking The Bite Out of the Binge (Netflix/MSLGroup)

​Developed for the Research Methods for the Communication Professional course, this assignment consisted of a blog post summarizing and analyzing a Silver Anvil campaign from a research perspective. My work on the "Taking the Bite out of the Binge" campaign demonstrated how MSLGroup's mixed research method identified an opportunity for Netflix to shift the negative public perception of binge watching to a habit not to be ashamed of. 

4. Cookie Care Delivers Sweet Results for Doubletree by Hilton (Hilton Worldwide,Ketchum,Gensler and Digital Royalty)

A project for the Public Relations Foundations course, this assignment consisted of conducting a thorough analysis and evaluation of a Silver Anvil campaign, identifying the objectives, strategy and tactics behind its successful execution. My work unfolds DoubleTree by Hilton's award-winning "Cookie Care" global campaign created to celebrate the 300 millionth giveaway of its iconic chocolate chip cookie in 2014.